We build tomorrow's
software today

NetLeader is a small team of professionals proudly delivering reliable,
high quality software and hosting solutions.


We're experts in analyzing requirements and designing robust, scalable solutions. NetLeader's been helping companies build successful online presences for over 20 years.


We use modern technology and processes appropriate for your project's needs. NetLeader can keep you on the leading edge yet a safe distance from the bleeding edge.


We can take your project from the back of the napkin all the way through infrastructure, training, and support. NetLeader partners with you to ensure your success.

NetLeader Builds Reliable Quality Software

Since 1996 the same core team has designed, developed, deployed, and maintained solutions across a wide range of markets. From simple Mom & Pop web sites to large-scale PCI-compliant credit card payment processors, we can help bring your idea into the world.

Web Hosting

Fast, secure, reliable hosting that grows with your business. Unlimited disk space and bandwidth. Industry leading page load times. 24/7 support and security monitoring. Guaranteed 99.9% uptime and more.


Web Apps

Web apps power everything today. NetLeader uses Elixir and Phoenix to build powerful back ends and APIs that will scale with your growth. Smart, intuitive, modern UIs are built specifically for your project's requirements.

Let NetLeader power your business success.

Mobile Apps

Having "an app for that" is a necessity in today's market. NetLeader develops responsive apps for iOS and Android using the latest design techniques.

We will work with you every step of the way to design an app with the right strategy and user experience to meet your marketing goals.

Exceptional Quality

NetLeader's exceptional quality starts with the depth of our experience. Nothing quite matches our instinct for doing the right thing the right way.

Instinct isn't everything, though. We're big on agile methodologies and test-driven development to help us stay on track and build rock-solid software.

A Small Team of Software Professionals

It takes a strong, adaptable group to develop software together for 20 years.

The founders of NetLeader met at Galacticomm, creators of The Major BBS bulletin board software and hardware. Bulletin board systems were a primitive form of today's internet, locally operated by thousands of Sysops around the world.

When the internet took off in 1996, we formed NetLeader to capitalize on what was obviously the future of online computing. What started with basic web pages quickly turned to developing and hosting software for online gaming (the gambling kind), stock market analysis, e-commerce and a bunch of other things.

In 1998, e-commerce took off in a big way for us. NetLeader developed and operated the first large-scale web-based credit card payment processing system including real-time authorization, fraud screening, merchant management, and customer service.

Since then NetLeader has developed tons of software across many technologies and markets. Our staff has varied to meet current needs but the founders still work together creating realiable, scalable, high quality software. And now we can host your website, too.

We are available for limited engagements.

If you have questions, we have answers!