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At NetLeader we like to share information about our projects and technology. Please note that NetLeader receives a small commission at no cost to you on purchases made through our links to Amazon.

Grasshopper Flying Club

We've launched a new website for the Grasshopper Flying Club based at KPOU in Dutchess Count, New York.

This is the first website we've built using WordPress, a database driven dynamic website generator. A major goal of the new site is easy content maintenance by club members. This is facilitated by the WordPress Dashboard and Customizer.

We found WordPress Explained to be a very useful hands-on introduction to WordPress. If you're looking for a place to host your WordPress website, NetLeader's Managed WordPress hosting is a good choice.

Elixir and Phoenix

The Elixir functional programming language and the Phoenix web framework are proving to be an unbeatable combination for building massively scalable, higly reliable web applications. Here are the official websites for Elixir and for Phoenix.

Progamming Elixir and Programming Phoenix are the definitive references on these subjects:


Blockchain is a sequential file of data blocks that is inherently resistant to modification. Blockchain was invented as a distributed database for the Bitcoin digital currency. Today, it is used for most digital currencies and an ever expanding array of applications. At NetLeader we are particularly interested in digital signing and smart contracts.

Mastering Bitcoin, although dedicated to Bitcoin technology, thoroughly explains the technical aspects of blockchain. You will learn how the integrity of a blockchain is intricately locked into the procedures for its operation and maintenace.

Ethereum is primarily focused on smart contracts even though it has its own digital currency called Ether. Mastering Ethereum explains the building of smart contracts and decentralized applications (DApps).